Explore & experiment, become resilient, adaptable & robust, play with your curiosity. Movement is more than just learning a drill, practicing a skill or following an exercise. Movement should be uncertain and unpredictable like Life. Confront this uncertainty by building physical and mental resilience through movement. Become uncomfortable, challenge your mind to explore new ideas, to revel in the unknown. Develop a connection with your body through understanding it, learn how to use it, move it, trust it. Overcome & become resilient to injury. 

Uncover new concepts with each workshop. No one workshop is the same, each workshop evolves, no movement experimentation is identical. The concepts range from understanding how to move on the floor, using basic tools to confront your body, learning how to articulate your limbs, become strong through movement. Grow your injury resilience, move your spine, tune in.

These fundamentals are crucial, they cannot be avoided or ignored. Learn to truly appreciate how our human ancestry informs movement, how the creative arts and movement exploration give a whole new perspective on the movement experience.

When these different movement principles are recombined and developed under the umbrella of functional biomechanics, functional neurology and a deep understanding of human physiology, SOMA movement workshops provide a unique perspective on the movement experience.

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June, 2018

Resilience through resistance

This workshop develops the concept of building resilience through the use of resistance.

To be resilient is to have plasticity, to be able to absorb force, to be mentally and physically pliable, yet strong. Resilience is a reaction to resistance.

To resist injury, to develop tendons, ligaments and joints that can withstand tension and stress, to create a body that becomes strong through meaningful movement, are all components of resilience. The human body must be able to cope with unpredictability, the unknown, the unexpected.

The Resilience through Resistance workshop introduces these concepts. We implement individual and partner work using the elements of unpredictability with the use of basic tools that require you to develop responses to situations, to find solutions. Whether that's working alongside or in opposition to your partner or on your own, you will learn how to find responses to physical riddles.

Developing the understanding of how to maintain stability alongside movement, and in the process, develop coordination, flexibility and strength in unpredictable situations. Stability, strength and flexibility all must be adaptable, responsive and malleable to any given situation.



February, 2018


Move with imagination, take comfort in the feeling of moving in ways that make you feel uncomfortable.

The Elements workshop covers all the fundamental concepts of SOMA's movement principles. Crafting ideas based on ancestral movement and the performance arts, incorporating a deep understanding of functional biomechanics and neuroscience, developing concepts of play and the use of objects to heighten levels of creativity.



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