In Greek mythology, the 'soma' represents the human body, distinct from the mind and psyche, it is an expression used to describe the physical aspect of the human form. In the ancient Vedic tradition and through it's Sanskrit language, 'soma' was a ritualistic drink that led to an entheogenic experiences that was described to give immortality. 

At the core of SOMA is the idea of culture; a manifestation of complex intellect that is collective and inclusive, a cultivation of ideas that run through a group of people, each who understand the importance of changing the way we live our lives through movement, health and sustainability.With over 30 years experience between them, Pav and Kris created SOMA Culture to do much more than just affect one person at a time, and whilst each individual is vital, they believe that creating this on a wider scale is more powerful.

SOMA Culture works on 3 main principles:

1. Movement

2. Foundations of Health

3. Environmentalism & Sustainability




Movement is the physical expression of who we are. There are many layers to learning about movement, the understanding and utilisation of just one layer is not enough. We need to understand  "the why behind the what". How does the body work? How does it move? How do we efficiently recover from injury? How do we optimise how we move? How can we improve sports performance?

Movement must be perceived and understood through many lenses. The lens of science, the lens of culture, art and creativity, and an ancestral and evolutionary lens. We have to understand the technical blueprints of the body, the anatomy, the physiology, the neurology, but equally important is the understanding and appreciation of the explorative and creative elements of movement.

These layers make the platform and foundations of a SOMA Culture.



The SOMA Foundations of Health are informed by the combined disciplines of Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Western Medical Acupuncture, Movement conditioning, rehabilitation and sports performance optimisation.

With a plethora of knowledge of achieving health, using ancestral principles alongside modern science, the SOMA approach covers many elements, all instructing our understanding of health and how to achieve it. One discipline is not enough to give a well rounded approach on how to find health, to get to the cause. These are the pillars that support our Foundations of Health.

We offer online one on one consultations where we can assess best how to help you improve how you move, manage injuries or pain, become healthy or optimise sports performance. Please reach out to us to find out more.



There are far reaching consequences of environmental, animal and human exploitation. Food sprayed with chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, meat full of hormones and antibiotics from sick animals, clothes made from genetically modified organisms or synthetics full of chemicals that leach into your body. These issues and many more all have personal and global consequences.

We must reshape our culture to understand that these unsustainable decisions, decisions which are not for the greater good, that are made without a sense of mindfulness or concern about the consequences, that they will end up harming us and our future.

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