September 14th to december 14th 2019

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SEASON 4: PRivate practice

september 14th to DEcember 14th, 2019

Weekly sessions, Friday, 9.00 to 11.00AM & Tuesday 6.30 to 8.30PM

With over 12 years of clinical practice and collectively over 30 years of teaching, it is impossible to deny the necessity of a relevant and meaningful movement practice in regards to the well being of all our senses. Health is not found in a clinic room or in a class.

The approach to the Soma Practice is largely undefinable. When we define something we categorise it, we put around it boundaries, we create this limiting perception of finiteness around how we can move. A physical practice should be able to transcend boundaries, to constantly create new cognitive dialogues and expressions, to encourage thought and breakdown insular and categorised perceptions of what movement should be. A more complete practice is not just a physical endeavour alone.

We are social beings. Training on our own, by ourselves, bypasses many crucial components of the interactive nature of movement. Training only as individuals limits our spontaneity and creates predictability and reduced diversity and communication. Diversity breeds immunity, so whilst there is a premium for one on one training, this type of training has many drawbacks and limitations. Training with like minded individuals is a privilege.

From injury prevention, management and rehabilitation, to becoming more physically and mentally resilient to optimising movement for sports performance, the SOMA Practice develops our ability to communicate in many different ways, creating a diversity in our movement language. The physical practice will teach you how to become adaptable, powerful and transformative, creating movement diversity, and through an abstract mindset create and respond to unpredictable situations.  Inspired by all of our previous teachers and our most influential teacher Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea of Fighting Monkey Rootless Root, the practice is significantly physically challenging, yet encourages quiet reflection. It asks you to push your boundaries yet not force them. It creates a new perspective of what a physical and philosophical practice can be. The SOMA Practice is a constant evolution in the understanding of how to communicate with your body, another body, an object, tool or space.

As part of the monthly subscription, each participant will have direct access to both Pav and Kris, and also to the rest of the group through group messenger. The group will be given a weekly task to do between the sessions to further understand the principles that we share. Once a month we will be hosting an event such as extra practice, or a seminar on any given subject or a film night relevant to the philosophy of the season of practice.


1. Learn how coordination is the cornerstone of all successful movement strategies

2. How a strong yet mobile axis is key to maintaining physical integrity.

3. How maintaining uncoordinated range of motion in your joints is insufficient for maintaining joint integrity and in preventing injury.

4. How serious play can develop creativity and spontaneity in your movement practice.

5. Understand how to view the body as a complex integrated structure



When: Fridays and Tuesdays, starting September until December 2019

Where: JLT, Cluster V

Google Maps link:

Time: Season 4 : Tuesdays 7.00PM to 9.00PM, Friday 9.00AM to 11.00AM. Please arrive 15 minutes early.


Weekly 2 hour training

Regular contact with the group, Pav and Kris

Weekly tasks

1 Monthly event

what to bring

Please bring socks, a long sleeved top, towel and any other refreshments you feel you need. The practice will be outside so expect to get dusty and interact with the ground.


Please contact for further details