Pav’s relationship with movement began with a deep rooted connection with the performing arts. Committing over a decade to perfect her craft, Pav studied many different movement forms from ballet to contemporary dance, African jazz to breakdancing, hip hop to contact improvisation, tai chi to yoga. After many years of teaching, choreographing and touring, Pav formalised her knowledge and received a BA in Dance interdisciplinary arts and Performance in London.

Whilst Pav was studying for her degree, Pav's most influential ballet teacher led her into the practice of Ashtanga Yoga. Ashtanga yoga shaped her movement practice for many years, giving a different insight into how movement can effect her in body and mind. After her degree, Pav continued to challenge herself with other movement forms. Starting with Pilates,  Mat Work, Reformer as well as Neuropilates with BodyHack. Strength and conditioning became the next focus, Crossfit and olympic weightlifting, as well as mixed martial arts. To add a more scientific understanding of functional movement, Pav trained with the Gray Institute becoming certified in Applied Functional Science. Pav is currently a student of Fighting Monkey.

Being a person deeply conscious of the movement arts, understanding how to push her body to the limits, Pav took the next step of understanding how natural movement tied much of these different principles together. Studying with MovNat, a natural movement philosophy, it gave greater meaning to how movement should be used in a natural environment.

Understanding all these different movement forms has given Pav a deep understanding of how the human body can move. How the different elements of movement systems can be combined together, and where the truth of movement actually lies, this is one of the foundations of SOMA Culture.