Kris & Pav came from two different yet complimentary backgrounds. One being more academic, the other more creative, one being more scientific, the other more artistic. However, they both realised that when it came to seeking the truth about the human condition, these two perspectives were intrinsically bound. As they combined their thoughts and ideas together, SOMA Culture was created. 



For more than 15 years, Pavlina has been researching, studying and understanding the human form. Pavlina’s path to understanding the human form has taken many turns into many depths, from acting and performing on the stage, to choreography and the creative understanding of human expression, all the way to competitive swimming and athletic performance.

This journey of discovering different movement forms and arts, from the many forms of dance to wing chun to yoga and sports performance, allows Pavlina to create the different elements that shape the approach of SOMA Culture. These art forms along with formal training in various human movement sciences such as MovNat, Applied Functional Science and Fighting Monkey Rootless Root are combined together to find where the truth of movement lies.



Osteopath, naturopath, teacher and student, Kris has been developing & sharing his understanding of the human body with patients and students for well over a decade. Studying with many masters and teachers from East to West, combining an anthropological approach with human physiology, biology and neurology alongside a philosophical, communication orientated and creative understanding, have all significantly shaped his approach to pain management, rehabilitation, movement and life.

Under the tutelage of Jozef Frucek from Fighting Monkey, SOMA Culture is the manifestation of many years of knowledge, consolidated into an approach that empowers patients and students to develop a deep understanding of their own structure and biology from both the realms of the physical and philosophical.

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