SOMA Elements 1
February 2018

The 2 hour SOMA Elements 1 workshop explores the foundations of SOMA movement philosophy. This workshop initiates the relationships between us and the floor, our partners and groups, tools and objects. The exploration of strength, joint movement and control, moving across the floor and responding to unpredictability, are all foundational concepts of the SOMA movement philosophy.  Learn More

Ground intensive 1
maRCH 2018

The 2 hour Ground Intensive 1 workshop builds on one of the core concepts of the SOMA Elements, using the floor. The human body has evolved and been influenced by its relationship and the ground, with the ground offering many lessons about how to build strength, flexibility and coordination. Learn More

resilience through resistance 1
june 2018

the 2 hour Resilience through Resistance workshop explores the concepts of plasticity, being able to absorb force, and being physically and mentally pliable. Developing resilience allows your body to cope with stressors, and being unable to manage these physical stressors often eventually leads to injury. Through individual, partner and group work, this workshop implements the elements of unpredictability, learning to react appropriately and control. Learn More